How I Spent my 20s: A Memoir

I found this picture recently with the caption in tact. I thought, “Damn… how true.” I reflected back to my 20s and what my love life was like.

The first half of my 20s was spent figuring out what love even was, a lesson I’m still not sure that I understand. I still felt like a kid, and I even had a kid.

The second half of my 20s, I spent getting to know myself. I learned who I was. I went to college. I traveled. I explored more of who I am and what I have to give the world.

It was in the second half of my 20s that I learned what I like and why. These are the lessons that I am trying to teach my daughter, use your 20s to explore who you are, find your purpose, and fuck around a little (responsibly).

It’ll make the 30s that much more rewarding.


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